1. With TCA you will get the best carrier/supplier options for your company’s needs.  Based upon your specific objectives, TCA will provide you with the most optimum telecom and cloud providers to fit your needs, both now and into the future.

2. By utilizing TCA you will have one point of contact for your service needs going forward.  Whether it is a move, add or change, or if there are issues, TCA’s staff is available to assist your staff and resolve.  This way you will only have one number to call and the rest will be handled by us. TCA will be very proactive and keep you in the loop with all projects we are handling on your behalf.

3. As your business changes TCA will be there to help strategize, plan and implement to meet those needs.  TCA has seasoned experts trained to carefully design the right plan as you grow (or downsize).

4. By utilizing TCA you will no longer need to go direct to all of the carriers and suppliers that inundate you every day with phone calls and emails.  TCA has no bias so we are able to remain objective when making our recommendations.

5. Direct reps from all of the different carriers frequently jump from one carrier to another, so companies find themselves often having to work with new names and faces on a regular basis.  TCA has been in business for 21 years and our staff has not changed. We are very invested in our business and our clients and so turnover will not be an issue.

6. TCA will act as an extension of your team.  We will provide you with ideas and possible recommendations as new services are introduced to the industry and will keep you in the loop as technology changes.  

7. TCA’s main focus is to develop strong relationships with our clients as well as the providers.  By building these strong relationships it is easier to negotiate great contracts and to resolve issues.  

8. By using TCA to research your cloud and telecom needs, and to negotiate the best services and rates, your company will regain the hours you would have spent doing the research yourself.  

9. Adding TCA to your team allows you to focus on what you do best, running your company.  TCA has many years in this industry and it is all we do. Let TCA be your telecom agent and we will work hard to earn your trust and provide you with peace of mind that you are in great hands with your telecom.

10. TCA will keep its fingers on the pulse of evolving cloud and telecom technologies and continue to be trained on the latest products and services so you that are able to leverage the right solutions to increase your efficiency and productivity.