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Our vision is to be a company that our clients can depend on and know they have the latest cutting edge technology and the most competitive prices. Service and quick response are of up most importance to us.

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TCA services the needs of clients ranging from small to large, both here in America and globally.  We are both independent and objective when we sit with our clients and we are highly trained to identify the best services to fit your needs.  We customize solutions around your specific business goals and environments.  With over 40 years of experience in the telecom business, we have what it takes to bring the absolute best telecom services, customer service, and overall management of our clients’ business.


At TCA my goal has always been to provide my clients with the best service possible, while remaining diverse in all aspects of the telecom industry.  Our model is to not fit our clients into one specific carrier’s products and services, but to fit various carriers into the client’s model with the most optimal solutions.  We can do this because we have strategic partnerships with over 100 telecom providers, including cable companies, mobile services, cost management services, etc.

I believe each client is unique with different needs across the globe.  My promise is to meet those needs with the highest level of service, as well as the most honest and forthright advice.  We will strive to meet and exceed the expectations of each individual client we service.  Thank you for placing your business and your trust in us over the past 21 + years!